We are pleased that At the Limits events are supported by way of grants and sponsorship by various Pharmaceutical Industry partners.

Sponsors have not influenced the content or the speaker selection of the independent programmes, nor had, or will have foresight of the presentations.

The choice of venue, and all facilities as well as subsistence associated with this meeting has been at the sole discretion of the Scientific Committee.

In 2017 supporters of this event include:

When contracts are finalised with supporters, details will appear here.


Novo Nordisk Ltd have sponsored the meeting and contributed to covering the fixed costs of the meeting.


Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd has financially sponsored this meeting and has had no input into the contents of the agenda


AstraZeneca has provided sponsorship support for this programme and has had no editorial control or influence on the content of the meeting.


This meeting has been supported by way of an educational grant from Boehringer Ingelheim.
Boehringer Ingelheim have had no input to the agenda or logistics of this meeting.